Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My wis.dm - Have It Your Way

Today we've introduced a whole new "my wis.dm".  In many ways, this is the realization of what we intended my wis.dm to be all along: a place for you to have a dashboard, a console view, customized with pointers to all the content you care about.  To borrow a classic fast-food slogan, now you can finally "Have it your way."

What does this mean in practice?  Well, you'll see two areas of the my wis.dm feeds view, an "inbox", which will include personally-relevant info like questions from your friends, and replies to your comments.  You'll also see a "subscriptions" area, where you can control all sorts of other info you might want to keep tabs on.  In both of these areas, you can see just "new" stuff, that you haven't clicked on or answered.  Or you can see "all" items.  To keep you and our databases sane, this will give you a 7-day backlog of items from your feed.

So how do you use it?  Here are some examples...

  • Want to see a flood of every question being posted, anywhere on wis.dm? (we know this has been a popular request from a minority set of true wis.dm power users)  Just subscribe to every Scene, and you'll see all new Bits consolidated in your my wis.dm subscriptions tab.  Or be more discerning, and stick to the scenes you care about most.
  • Have a favorite Bit type?  Subscribe just to Polls, or just to "Would You Rather" questions, if you like!
  • Want to keep tabs on a favorite topic?  Maybe you are an expert in photography, and want to be sure you get ahold of all the content on wis.dm with topic "photography".  Just subscribe to that topic, and it'll be delivered right into your feed.
Simple, eh?  There's a lot going on to make all this happen, but we think it'll be a far superior way to consume great wis.dm content, and to keep tabs on all your discussions happening around the growing wis.dm world.

As always, your thoughts are most welcome, email feedback@wis.dm.  Most of the changes you see today have come from trying hard to accommodate all the varied requests we get from you!

Keep wis.dming, and enjoy!